Sunday January 8, 2023

I fell so behind with my updates it will take me a few weeks to catch up but the highlight of the last month was a trip to Jamaica for my cousin's wedding. The wedding was on 12/29/22 so we were there after Christmas until New Years Day. I loved the beauty of the turquoise and blue water, the fairy tale wedding on the beach with the wind blowing everyone's hair and dresses and most of all I loved seeing my cousin and her new husband so happy. I was the maid of honor and 2 of her (and my) best friends were the bridesmaids. We had a blast. The first day was spent recovering from the travel fatigue and getting to know the resort, then it was time to focus on the wedding and making sure we had everything ready. The wedding day was lovely. The following day we discovered that one of the locals who set up their tents on the beach next to the resort had horses and he let us ride them on the beach and make videos to add to a music video project. Then we rode again the next day on a pre planned trip to another horse ranch where they take you out into the water and the horses are actually swimming. When we got back from that we rode the local horses again for more video footage! It was truly special. The man's name was Reggie and since he knew we were trying to make a video he helped us and shot a lot of the footage himself running ahead of the horses. What fun! Now I'm trying to get back to regular life back in Ohio during winter, ugh. But I now have that awesome memory of riding horses on the beach everyday.

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