Sunday May 22, 2022

Monday we got up early and drove to Zaleski again but this time went to the old school house to park and then walked on the rail to trails path. We went until there was no bridge to cross the creek. Then we walked back to the school house and drove to the Moonville Tunnel which was really cool and we walked through that to 2 more bridges. I love the smell of the woods. Jelly had a great time sniffing everything and swimming in the creek. Ben and I like both the drive and the hiking.

The week was a pretty regular work week mixed in with 2 band practices and working on music production with my son on Saturday. What a great feeling to be able to work with my creative, talented and very successful kiddo. I hope we work on lots of music together. 

Today is Sunday and I had a nice day of working at a slow relaxed pace all day. First I photographed hats and posted them on Etsy, then I moved my painting studio back downstairs and projected a 3 palm trees sunset photo from our trip to Florida onto the canvas and painted the background, then I sewed leather tree bags, made pasta, planted the vegetables Carole gave me and then picked Ben up and went for a dog walk. It was a beautiful evening and a ton of people were at the park. A jazz band was playing in the gazebo and a lot of people were in the stands. The lighting and weather was perfect and the roses are coming out so it smells amazing and looks beautiful. 

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