Sunday May 15, 2022

I had a pretty good week. Monday morning was a trip to Zaleski State Forest with Ben and Jelly.  Walked to Old’s Hollow where Jelly swam under the little trickle of a waterfall, walked past a cemetery where Ben read the phrase, “Buried at midnight” on one of the headstones. We guessed from reading the story that it was maybe because they had smallpox and the people believed it was safer to bury the infected people at night? The hike was short so we walked to the other side of the road which is Lake Hope State Park and did a short loop. I took a picture of an Oak tree from the same vantage point as a couple of weeks ago and the foliage has changed. I hope to go back there in a couple of weeks to get another picture as the leaves fill in. 

Wednesday was my birthday and the photo is from the party with my niece who also had a birthday. Ben helped me work in my yard all day and then we got Hot Chicken Take Out for dinner. That was a great day and I’m so happy my yard is getting prettier. 

Thursday Carole and Steph came over and we sang and then I mocked up some sparkly star halter tops for Comfest outfits. I need to get those finished!

Friday we went over to Cole's and recorded vocals and then I went to bed early so I wouldn’t be tired for Delaware Arts Festival which was Saturday and Sunday. The festival went really well and I saw a lot of folks I hadn’t seen for 3 years because the show was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. 

Oh and Sunday night was a total lunar eclipse and I could see it right out my bedroom window without even moving from my usual position in bed while I was watching TV lol can’t get more luxurious than that! 

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