Sunday May 8, 2022

Today is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day! 

Ben and I have been trying to take a short half day trip to hike with Jelly once a week. Last week it was Lake Hope, this past Monday we went to Marion to hunt for morels with my sister. She had already found some the day before so we went back to that spot and found some more and then hiked the rest of the woods and didn’t find another single mushroom. That’s weird because some years we will find them in several different places. Bummer. But there were plenty and we ate our yearly delicious morels fried in butter.  Yum. 

We were a bit traumatized because during the walk her dogs found two different possums in two different logs and killed them. It happened very fast both times and we couldn’t stop them. They are farm dogs and it was just like a normal days activity to them. My city dog barked along with the pack but fortunately she’s never caught anything, despite her squirrel hunting attempts. I did notice her having a nightmare later that day while she was taking a nap. Or maybe it wasn’t a nightmare to her. It definitely was to me. 

The rest of the week was the usual work and get ready for art shows. 

Thursday was Cinco De Mayo and I helped with the video for my friend Chef Del’s online cooking class. He made 3 types of vegan tacos: Jackfruit, marinated mushrooms and millet with pecans. All delicious. 

I rehearsed with Gathering Stars and that was fun. We’re working on some covers to add to our sets for a wedding reception we’re playing in June. 

Friday I lamented about having water in my basement from the very rainy week and I will try to DIY as many fixes as I can think of but might need to get a professional out to look at it. Bummer. 

Saturday Ben and I got up at 6am and set up in my tent at the Worthington Maker’s Market in conjunction with the farmers market. It was cold and drizzly so not very busy and we were really cold! We put the sides down and it got better but I used the dog blanket from the van to keep warm. Later I went to a friend’s birthday party and saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen since the pandemic so that was nice. 

Sunday was lovely and most of the family went to my son and daughter in law’s for what we call the “Everything Party”. It’s Mother’s Day and the May Birthdays which are my niece’s and mine. My brother made a bunch of beautiful sushi, and there was lasagna, salad greens, fruit salad, bread, pies, birthday cake, a tres leches cake and ice cream. Tons of food. We played the white elephant game and Ben won a giant pink pig with a Santa hat on it that lights up. I won paper towels. 

The grandkids played volleyball, threw the baseball or kicked the soccer ball around while the dogs ran around with a frisbee or a ball in their mouth. The adults all sat around laughing and talking on the deck since it was such a perfect sunny day. It was lovely and also the first time they’ve hosted a family party. My aunt was funny because she said, “Their house is nicer than mine.” Ben and I both said, “Mine too.” She said, “Why isn’t it messy? I think I need a decorator,” and we laughed. We left with lots of flowers and gifts and a big chunk of birthday cake.

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