Sunday May 1, 2022

This week was fun because Ben and I took a day trip to Lake Hope on Monday and had a great hike with Jelly.

Besides the usual work, Tuesday we mowed our yards and Weds we went to Commercial Point to mow the lot and see his mom. Thursday I helped on the cooking show and then the rest of the day was all about making my sales desk from the instructions I downloaded. It really did take all day until dark. Ben helped a lot by drilling and cutting. I did all the glueing and taping. It looks really good. I swear it increased my sales this weekend at the Art Studio Clearance Sale. Friday we set my booth up and then had the rest of the day to work. We also went out to see live music at Rambling House for the Willie Nelson Tribute show.

Saturday I just worked the show all day and then took Jelly to the park for a sunset walk and then picked up some delicious dinner from Lavash. Sunday was also spent working the show all day and then I went over to Ben’s to watch him work on stuff outside while we had cocktails.


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