Sunday April 24, 2022

April 24, 2022 

It was a good week. I went to Marion Tuesday for a mushroom hunting hike with my sister and dropped off the art piece Ben made for my aunt. She loved it. We did not find mushrooms because it had just been too cold and they weren’t up yet. 

My mom had her 77th birthday in Tucson, AZ with her cousin and they had a party with a bunch of friends who know my mom from her visits. She made a beautiful cake and her cousin decorated it with lots of flowers. They looked happy, I’m so glad she went to visit. 

I spent the week preparing for Saturday’s Earth Gathering in Chillicothe to vend in my art booth and also for Gathering Stars to perform a set. The weather ended up being perfect and actually hot in the 80’s. We wore sleeveless dresses with fuchsia as our theme color. The set went great and I felt like we really were tight and in the groove energetically and musically. That felt awesome. I’m so grateful I still get to experience moments like that in an original band. Especially in my 50’s! I’m lucky. Ben won best of show for his artwork so that was cool. It gave him some validation since he’s just starting this whole art festival scene. My sales went very well and I was happy to see a lot of return customers who collect Starfish goods year after year. That was awesome as well. Jelly went to doggy day care and the lady said she had a good day and played a lot. So that was good since I felt like last time she went she was a little scared and sad. 

We kept the Earth Day celebration going the next day and went for an evening bike ride from Park of Roses to Rusty Bucket in Worthington and had some beer and a snack then rode back in the dark and saw tons of deer, bats, an owl, and a raccoon. It was very pretty and dramatic with the tree silhouettes against the river.

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