Sunday April 17, 2022

Sunday April 17, 2022 

Happy Easter Sunday! I got a nice text with some pictures from my mom who is in Tucson, AZ visiting her cousin and getting a lot of birding and nature in. The moon was full last night and it was a lovely end to a warm sunny day. It turned chilly today but is still sunny. 

This whole week I worked on these guitar straps I promised a friend I would collaborate with him on and they were the bane of my existence and confirmed that I do not enjoy sewing thick, difficult leather items. My hands hurt from the cutting, riveting and sewing of these things and I don’t foresee making anymore. I wanted to keep my word and finish them but it went against my plan of doing less and focusing more on music and artwork that doesn’t include sewing. Oh well, that was just one week of my life and its over! 

The other big nature news for me was the Viburnum blooming and that is the best smelling flowering bush. Yum! The one my mom bought me as a house warming gift last year came up happy and healthy and I’m excited to make my yard look better this year and have a nice garden. 

Ben and I finished watching Bridgerton and have now started calling Angelica “Lady Frumperton.” It’s just a period piece soap opera but the costumes and sets are so fun I like it.  Friday we went to his shop to practice setting up his art tent for next weekend and then had lunch with his mom in her backyard which is a gardener’s paradise. She is a master gardener and has been working on her beds for decades so that was inspiring. Thursday we had Gathering Stars practice with just the guys and me, then Saturday we practiced with just the ladies and me. Both practices were really productive so I feel happy about the band and music. It’s so easy to get discouraged about music and art since I really care about both. I try to always power through any negative emotions about either one and remember that persistence is key.

World news of note was that the World Health Organization estimates 15 million people have died of Covid. I've been editing and posting my Pandemic Diary that started in March of 2020 so it's interesting to me to have this data and read my old posts about the start of the pandemic when everyone was guessing what could happen. Two years later that many people have died and we're trying to get back to normal every day life like the before times. What choice does anyone have really? Life goes on with or without us. I try to be grateful everyday for the people I have in my life. 

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