Sunday April 3, 2022

I didn’t write all week. The big news last week was the Oscars and Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in the face. We were watching and kind of half paying attention and then were like, “Wait, what’s going on?!” The sound went off but we could tell Will Smith was yelling obscenities at Chris Rock. Then my boyfriend looked it up online and found the versions with the sound on.  After seeing a few different videos online it looks like Will Smith wasn’t bothered by Chris Rock’s joke about Jada’s hair at first because he laughed. Jada must have looked at him with a hey, I’m mad look and then he reacted in a way that seems like he was triggered by her reaction. It was weird for me because it reminded me of how my ex would get triggered by something that didn’t seem like a big deal to me and he would then get mad at me for not reacting to it like he was. It could be something as slight as someone looking at him funny. For example, I remember him saying someone gave him a dirty look at my dad’s funeral. I saw the person and he was just sitting there and he looked more concerned about something else or just sad so it made no sense to me at all that my ex took it that way. I’m 99% sure that it was not a dirty look directed at him. That’s what I’m trying to get at, I think Will Smith was afraid he wouldn’t react strongly enough and Jada would be mad at him! So he went completely overboard and acted irrational. It was just sad to see. Chris Rock looked shocked and even said, “It was a joke! I’m sorry!” The fact that physical assault was allowed and then the audience gave him a standing ovation during his Oscar win speech which alluded to the fact that he was defending his family like the character he played (Richard Williams) defended his daughters was also very weird. I think the joke about her hair was a bad joke and a bad decision but it didn’t warrant physical violence. I think the person that seems more sane is Chris Rock because he just let it go, apologized and didn’t press charges. I’m assuming it’s out of compassion and understanding that Will just had a moment and lost it. That kind of public display only made me ask what is he like at home when he gets mad? I’m sure I have a different reaction than someone who hasn’t been in an abusive relationship but outbursts of anger in public equal worse outbreaks of anger in private in my personal experience. That’s my two cents on the whole thing. I’m glad they have both apologized, that’s the best outcome. I wish Will Smith would consider taking anger management classes too because its just not healthy to be so angry. I feel for him. 

Other than that my week was happily uneventful. It was the usual dog walks, sewing, printing, teaching and working on music. Ukraine is still under attack and it is horrible and sad but they did get Russian troops to back out of one town.  However, that uncovered evidence of execution like killings of civilians and also torture. War is terrible, why haven’t humans learned yet? 

I had a high school intern all week who wants to learn about fashion design so that was fun. I taught her how to use her own sewing machine and change the thread and bobbin and then got more comfortable sewing after a few days. It was cool to see her make progress and she made a pair of cute wide legged pants that I helped her with. It was a more advanced project than I would recommend for a beginner but they turned out well and she was super excited. 

Another highlight of my week was a beautiful portrait my boyfriend made of my grandmother. He made it because my aunt had commissioned a life size folk art angel that was supposed to look like my grandmother but it didn't turn out looking like her and she plans to move to a retirement condo so can't take it with her. She gave me the large piece and I plan to put it in my garden so he made a 16 x 20 ink on wood 3d mixed media piece that is fabulous and will fit in her condo. 

Saturday I helped my friend with his online cooking class and learned how to make 3 Vegan soups. They were delicious and it inspired me to use more fresh herbs and also how wonderful orange zest is in a soup, yum! I’m going to assist him once a week now. I make sure the cameras are working for the live feed and hand him ingredients.  

Then I had a pop up shop at Gallery hop, that rhymes very well. Toward the end of the show a very sweet gender neutral person came in with their mom and they both got purses and hats. We had a good talk about how they wanted to get involved in politics and how politics is very important for achieving social change and progress. That was inspiring. 

Sunday I spent several hours with my son working on a song I want to produce in a more pop sense with a verse -chorus- keep building in intensity -structure. Going through the notes and arrangement with a fine tooth comb takes hours and hours and we were only focusing on the keyboard and vocal arrangement. We took everything away to just work on the bare bones of the song.  We made definite improvements but by the end my brain just gets worn out and I sometimes feel discouraged by how difficult it is to get a song to a satisfying place. I wonder if I’m just trying too hard but on the other hand if I just let it be what comes out naturally am I not trying hard enough? Music producers have to work at something to make it so polished and slick sounding. It doesn’t just happen. It’s the same as visual art you have to work it into what you want. Anyway, it was great working with him because he cares about the little details and I’ve been wanting to spend time with him. It will be fun if we can continue to work on music production together. 

Sunday night was the Grammys and there wasn’t any drama. I was very happy for Jon Batiste who is such a great pianist and performer. He sang, danced and played in this big spectacular production of his winning song and then he was very humble and sweet in his acceptance speech. I read that Joni Mitchell was there and won a Grammy but I tuned in late so I missed her. Darn.

In nature and weather news its cold (20's) and then warm (70's) and the forsythia has bloomed.  The yellow and gold is very beautiful and dramatic. 

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