Sunday March 6, 2022

This week we had a wonderful break in the cold weather and were gifted 2 days in the 70's! That made my grumpiness alleviate a bit and renewed my hope that winter will soon be over. I'm not a fan of cold weather. My boyfriend and I only had 2 weeks of relief this winter and took our dog Angelica to Florida for some camping and dog friendly hotel stays. Our goals of becoming snowbirds only deepened again this year. I'm also saddened by Putin's unnecessary war on Ukraine and imagining how awful it is to be displaced and have your home destroyed. Greed and power are a terrible combination. 

We spent the week working on music a lot as I have become a Logic Pro enthusiast and every morning we have coffee and spend and hour on either recording or playing our imaginary set that we hope to debut sometime in the future. Then I walk Angelica and work in the art studio.  I've been begrudgingly working in the studio because I want to play in Logic all day but I have show season coming up and need to make inventory for the art festivals.  I screen printed some new designs and got a much needed kick in the butt when my friends Helen and Suzie asked me to do a pop up at their Stonewall Gallery show in the Short North Saturday night. It was really fun and I met new people and gained new customers that were very sweet and supportive.  I also saw a new band called Made In The Mist.  

Sunday I recorded a podcast with my cousin Tera who is also a musician and former sound person for well known venues Staches and Little Brothers in Columbus, OH. We were asked by Pat and Linda Dull to be on their podcast Local Waste which is about the Columbus Music Scene in the 80's and 90's. They specifically wanted Tera for the sound person/performer perspective and me for the performer perspective and it was very fun and we took a very long hike down memory lane. I was worried I wouldn't be able to remember much worth talking about but Tera had a big box full of memorabilia and we were in a lot of projects together so it helped immensely to see the newspaper clippings and photos she had. We were looking at a collection of Moo Magazine, a weekly paper covering the art and music scene and realized the ads that bands used to place with all their shows for the month were like the hardcopy version of today's social media. Pat thought they were about $20 per ad box and it took 4 boxes to fill each column so you could fit a lot of ads on one page.  I saw my bands old ad and we had a whole column so I guess we were paying $100 per issue to advertise our shows. We also had a huge postcard mailing list that cost a lot to send out each month.  So yay for technology and free advertising on social media. I could not afford that today!  The other thing I loved about the memorabilia was the flyers and remembering the way you found out about a show was walking around campus and seeing what flyers were up on the telephone poles.  Bands also used to staple their flyers over other flyers if they were rude or if you were considerate you'd find a way to squeeze yours on the pole without doing that. Anyway, just random remembering. 

The actual podcast will air sometime in May I think, I'll post when it does. Have a great week!